Welcome to Garden of the Spirit

Reflections on flourishing

We are all planted in the Garden of the Spirit.    Just as my garden contains a variety of plants, all with their own needs for growing and flourishing, so all of us are uniquely designed to grow and bear flowers and fruit. We may at times feel stunted or dry or be starving for proper nutrients; we may have been trampled on or ignored, but we’re still here, alive and longing to grow.

Even if we don’t claim our spiritual planting, we are here.  Recently columnist E. J. Dionne wrote of  “the enduring hunger for the experience of the sacred” when he wrote about those drawn to church at Christmas and Easter.  A lingering desire for Something More draws us at such times, and we feel touched by the Unknown, the Mystery we call God.   When we are stirred by places of great natural beauty or hold vigil at a loved one’s deathbed or feel the joy of birth’s miracle, we recognize an experience of the Sacred even if we don’t call it spiritual.

In my postings once or twice a month in this blog, I write —-

—-sharing my experience of the Sacred, believing that others will identify and be encouraged to attend to the Sacred in their own lives

—-teaching about practices and traditions that have opened many to the Spirit that is always around us and within us

—-hoping to offer love and encouragement so we can live our daily lives more fully awake.

I am a spiritual director, a listener and guide for the spiritual journey, and this writing is an extension of my ministry.  May I bring a bit more light for your path.  May I aid your flourishing.