Nancy has extensive experience leading groups on a variety of topics.  Some favorites are:

Spiritual Discernment.  Spiritual discernment is the practice of examining our lives while listening for God’s guidance to help find our way.  With stories and exercises, Nancy employs a three fold approach:  opening to God,  being attentive to what we notice about our lives and the Spirit’s nudges, and finally responding by taking steps forward.   Her book has a six session group guide, and she is available for opening or closing sessions.

Contemplative Awareness: Noticing the Sacred in Daily Life.  Beneath the activities and busyness of life, we often yearn to feel that “In God, we live and move and have our being.”  Contemplative living is being awake to that reality in the middle of life. Nancy helps each person to find ways of integrating spiritual awareness within daily life.

Prayer and Prayerfulness.  What lies at the heart of prayer? Enlarging our understanding of prayer encourages us to nurture prayerfulness in our lives.  By  trying a variety of prayer forms, participants will find those that fit them best.  We examine habits that nurture or hinder prayerfulness and begin to build a rhythm of prayer in daily life.

Deepening Spiritual Life Within Spiritual Communities.  Being active in a religious group brings many rewards but busy programs can eclipse the human need for close spiritual community and for supportive companions on the journey.  We look at our communities and the ways we can nurture spiritual life within them.

The Sacred Art of Holding Lightly–and Sometimes Letting Go.  Activities, life patterns, possessions!  Holding tightly onto these can potentially limit spiritual growth  and the space for God in our lives.  We reflect together on what/when/how we are  called to hold more lightly, and maybe release altogether as part of our spiritual journeys.

Curious about Quakers?  Worship based in silence, clearness committees, never voting?  Who are Quakers?  A Quaker for many years, Nancy shares the story of her  tradition, how Quakers live their faith, and what they have to offer to the world.

Wisdom from the Desert Mothers and Fathers for Today.  In the 4th century, some early Christians retreated to the desert for a deeper commitment to the Christ-way.  We visit them and their teachings and find their wisdom surprisingly applicable to our non-desert 21st century lives.

Wisdom from the Celtic Christian Tradition.  For centuries, early Christianity in the British Isles developed parallel and separate from mainstream Christianity.  Exploring the fascinating story of this tradition, we will discover how the rich wisdom of Celtic Christianity brings unique gifts for us today.

Retreat for Renewal.  Stepping back from our busy lives in a retreat setting can refill and renew us.  In this mostly quiet, mostly unprogrammed time, there is space for reflection and inner exploration.  Nancy lightly structures the retreat, providing suggestions and materials for shaping our experience.

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