Retreats and Talks

Nancy is available to speak and lead groups on a variety of topics.  Some favorites are:

Spiritual Discernment

Spiritual discernment is the practice of learning to look at our lives and listen for guidance from God so we can make wise decisions.  With stories and exercises, Nancy employs a three fold approach to spiritual discernment:  opening to God,  being attentive to what we notice about our lives and the Spirit’s nudges, and finally responding by taking steps forward.   Her book Decision Making and Spiritual Discernment  The Sacred Art of Finding Your Way, includes a six session guide for groups to follow.  She is available for an introductory session.

Contemplative Awareness in our Busy Lives

Beneath the activities and busyness of life, we often yearn to feel that “In God, we live and move and have our being.”  Contemplative living is being awake to that reality in the middle of life, not only in set apart worship times. Nancy encourages each person to find their own way to  integrate spiritual awareness within daily life.

Prayer and Prayerfulness

What lies at the heart of prayer? Enlarging our understanding of prayer encourages us to nurture prayerfulness in our lives.  Through a variety of prayer forms, participants in this retreat can find those which fit them best.  They will examine life patterns that nurture or hinder prayerful practice and begin to build a rhythm of prayer in their lives.

Deepening Spiritual Life Within Spiritual Communities

Being active in a church or other religious group brings many rewards but the fullness of the programmed activities can hide the human need for a close spiritual community.  We need supportive companions for the spiritual journey.  Look at the community you belong to and consider ways to nurture its spiritual life and  strengthen the closeness of the members.

To inquire further about Nancy’s speaking or retreat offerings, click here to contact her on the site.